Five Skin-Loving Foods to Add to your Beauty Regimen

We all want to know how to get glowing skin like that dewy, sun-kissed J LO glow that she is so well known for. But to achieve that level of sun-kissed perfection, it’s not just about finding the top skincare products, but what you put under your skin is just as essential.
We have selected five good-for-you foods and drinks that we suggest you try during the first few weeks of fall and tell you why your skin will thank you.

Before you press start on your Nespresso machine, down a tall glass of water with multiple slices of lemon - yep, EVERY MORNING - your skin (and liver!) will thank you.
Lemon is loaded with collagen-boosting vitamin C, promotes hydration, and even makes your breath a little fresher for those early morning kitchen chats.
Not to mention, lemon also offers your liver a nice little cleanse-like boost making these little yellow beauties beneficial for more than just a fresh taste!


This tropical fruit packs a flavorful punch with healthy skin benefits. Papaya has been used to relieve inflammation (a common source of several skin conditions) and also helps fight blemishes. Besides topical benefits, a single cup of fresh, ripe papaya contains 144% of your daily value needs of collagen-strengthening vitamin C.


Pomegranate oil is a very dynamic food! The list of its skin benefits is lengthy, so take note:
It penetrates hydration to every skin layer
Protects the outer layer of skin from sun and environmental damage
Boosts new cell production
Softens skin
Known to increase skin’s natural ability to increase production of collagen and elastin
These power-packed poms are a must-have in your glowing skin diet.

                                                           FERMENTED FOODS

You will always be asking for extra pickles after reading this! Fermented foods are rich in nutrients and since the fermentation process assists in pre-digestion logistics when consuming foods like sauerkraut and kimchi, your skin benefits by absorbing the nutrients faster and easier.

                                                                  CHIA SEEDS

The oil in chia seeds has incredible beauty benefits! Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and powerful anti-inflammatory benefits, this tiny seed has calming and antioxidant-rich properties that will perk up those pores. Throw a few tablespoons in your morning smoothing, and you’re on your way to happier skin.

So what are you waiting for? Head to the kitchen, or this weekend’s farmer’s market to stock up on these skin-boosting healthy foods


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