There are a number of cosmetic procedures performed using laser technology. People who have problems with acne scars or scars from removed tattoos can have the damaged skin smoothed using laser technology. The effect of the laser removes layers of surface skin to reveal new skin cells underneath. This process can also be achieved through the use of chemical peels. The side effect of both these procedures is the sensitivity of the new skin, which has been exposed. To speed up the healing process after these types of procedures have been performed, people can use SkinMedica Restorative Ointment.
The Healing Effects of a Restorative Ointment

When new skin cells are exposed to the elements they have a greater risk of being damaged. People who undergo chemical peels or skin therapy with lasers are strongly advised to stay out of the sun until their skin heals. By applying the ointment on a regular basis, the skin begins to heal much quicker than it would if ordinary hand lotions were applied. This is because the ointment is made with ingredients designed to help the cells heal and restore their natural properties.

The healing oils found in SkinMedica Restorative Ointment also add a degree of protection to the skin's surface during the healing process so it is less likely to become irritated. Skin irritation is another side effect of having certain cosmetic procedures performed. The new cells are particularly sensitive to anything they rub up against. Something as simple as pulling a shirt on over the head can irritate the facial area of someone who had a cosmetic procedure performed. The ointment helps soothe the skin to reduce the effects of irritation.

Protection Against Bacteria

While chemical peels and laser resurfacing procedures are not classified as surgical procedures, the newly exposed skin cells are still prone to picking up bacteria. If bacteria get into this exposed area, it could cause an infection. The restorative ointment adds protection against bacteria, which could be picked up before the skin has time to fully heal. The properties of the ointment that help speed up the healing process also work to reduce the risk of infection. By having the skin heal in a shorter amount of time, people can return to their normal activities without fear of causing their skin damage.

The Faster Way to Look Better

Cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels and laser resurfacing are usually done to improve a person's appearance. Another side effect of having newly exposed skin cells is the redness that accompanies them. The underlying tissues are not the same flesh tone as those found on the surface. For this reason, people who undergo these procedures often have red areas on their skin until the area is fully healed. In some cases, the procedures can also cause inflammation, which also contributes to the redness of the skin. Because the ointment is designed to speed the healing process, people who undergo these procedures can have the appearance of their skin recover much sooner.