Sleep Your Way to Glowing Skin

In 2018, “glow” has become synonymous with skincare. “Many patients comment that they wish their skin was ‘brighter,’” says ASDS Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgery Fellow Amanda Suggs, M.D. “I find that this is a common request from my patients in their 20’s and 30’s,” she says.  They are “looking for radiant, healthy, Instagram-ready skin free of blemishes and pigment irregularities.”
Overnight, our skin creates cell turnover and repairs itself. So, if you want to wake up with healthy, radiant skin your nightly routine is more important than ever before.
Follow the five steps below to wake up on Monday glowing and ready for the week ahead (with no trace of the remnants from the weekend).

1. Cleanse

Washing your face is the first, and most important step, in your nightly routine. “Cleansingremoves environmental grime that accumulates from the day as well as any makeup that has been applied,” says Suggs. First, remove your makeup with your favorite micellar water or makeup wipe. Second, cleanse. Suggs recommends talking to your dermatologist to determine the right cleanser for you but points out that a gentle cleanser should be fine for most as harsh cleansers can irritate the skin. For added benefit, twice a week incorporate an acid into your routine after cleansing. Acids help reduce fine lines, pigmentation and create a smoother, clear complexion.

2. Roll

Warmly introduce your face to its new best friend, the jade roller. The jade roller has surged in popularity over the last year, with backing from high profile influencers like beauty maven Marianna Hewitt. The tool provides lymphatic draining and anti-inflammation, working to improve your overall radiance. While the scientific proof is lacking, Gary Goldenberg, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, says “similar to a face massage, using a jade roller can feel good and increase a release of endorphins, which can improve your overall mood and look.” Store it in the refrigerator for extra cooling benefits, and then roll upward, away from the neck to improve circulation. Pair this exercise with your favorite facial oil for extra glowiness.

3. Soak

Getting your glow on isn’t just about what you put on your face, but also about how we treat our body. “Just like environmental stressors,” says Suggs, “physical and emotional stress can also cause inflammation which can lead to skin disease and increase signs of aging.” Research also shows that an increase in acne is directly correlated with an increase in stress. Before bed, mix together Epsom salt with your favorite scent for a relaxing and purifying detox bath. “Epsom salts have been [used] for centuries to improve skin appearance,” says Goldenberg. The Epsom salt works to pull out the toxins and reduce inflammation (added bonus!!). As you soak, you’ll feel the stress slowly leaving your body.

4. Glide

What we sleep on is just as important as the skincare we sleep in. Silk pillowcases, like Slip, have seen an upswing as glowing skin became a priority. Slip claims that they saw less face cream absorption and 43 percent less friction than 220-360 thread cotton pillowcases in laboratory studies. So, what does this mean for you and why should you trust in silk? Less absorption means that the skincare you are putting on at night (à la glowy face oil) will actually have time to work overnight instead of rubbing off on a cotton pillow case. And, you will feel luxurious, which is almost as good as waking up with on point skin.

5. Snooze

Studies show that beauty sleep is real. “Chronic poor-quality sleep has been associated with increased signs of aging as well as decreased skin barrier function,” says Suggs. For the best beauty rest, you should sleep on your back. Minimal contact with the pillow will help fight wrinkles, and you will increase blood flow back to your head. If you aren’t a back sleeper, look for a contoured pillow to help realign your sleeping position. But the quality of your mattress matters, too. The global mattress market is predicted to have a compound annual growth rate of 7% from 2018 to 2022. And, with the online mattress sector continuing to grow — 100-night trial periods and free shipping are just some of the perks — the options for your needs are endless. By investing in a good night’s sleep, you are investing in yourself and guaranteeing a dewy, morning glow.