Thursday, May 26, 2016

Why Choose Medical Grade Skincare Products?

Why Choose Medical Grade Skincare Products?

A lot of people ask us what the difference is between medical grade skincare products, and products from a department store or drugstore. At Skincare Solutions Store we offer an array of medical grade skincare products, and our goal is to educate women and men about the benefits.

Many people are lured to popular “over-the-counter” brands, because of their advertisements, packaging and of course, the price. But what many people don’t know is that while they claim to work, and they may have some benefits, those products can’t fix real skin problems.

There are MANY reasons why we recommend medical grade skincare products, but here are the 3 main reasons why they work better than over-the-counter products:
1.  Medical Grade Skincare products have higher concentrations of active ingredients than over-the-counter products do. The reason why they can have higher concentrations is because those products are being dispensed and overseen by a Doctor or Physician. Products from a department store are formulated for everyone and anyone, and aren’t being overseen by a Doctor, so they can only have small amounts of those active ingredients.

2.  In order to get real results from a skincare product, treatment needs to be directed toward deeper layers of the skin. Over-the-counter products can only work on the epidermis (the outer layer of skin) where the skin cells are starting to shed.  Medical Grade Skincare products can actually penetrate into deeper layers of the skin. These products work all the way down to the dermis (middle layer of skin) where the elastin and collagen are contained, as well as the basal (bottom layer of skin) where new cells are produced. Medical Grade products provide real results! They have been scientifically published in medical journals, and have been proven to work. 

3.  Medical Grade Products can actually transform the skin because the ingredients can repair skin at the deep layers, where the problems arise and can be where skin cells are produced and where the elastin and collagen are contained.

With Medical Grade Products, you can effectively treat fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne, sun spots and many other skin care issues. They have been proven to work, and we have seen the results!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

New Products from Image Skincare!

VITAL C Hydrating Hand and Body Lotion

An ultra rich moisturizing lotion with organic nutrient rich oils and extracts infused with Shea Butter. Improves elasticity and visible signs of aging. 6 oz

AGELESS TOTAL Retinol Masque

A concentrated overnight retinol masque with triple action time released retinol to help increase firmness, while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 1.7 oz

PREVENTION+™ Pure Mineral Sunscreen Spray SPF 30

A pure mineral sunscreen with broad spectrum protection that provides complete coverage in a non aerosol spray. A light weight formulation that infuses the skin with nourishing ingredients and provides antioxidant protection. Has UVA/UVB and infrared protection, ensuring the skin is fully covered when exposed to outdoor activities. Glides over the skin in an ultra light spray and absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue. 6 oz

PREVENTION +™ Sport Sunscreen Spray SPF 50

An ultra sheer and light weight sunscreen spray with broad spectrum UVA/UVB infrared protection. Absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue and is perfect for out door activities and sports. Formulated with organic ingredients of natural extracts and antioxidants to provide protection from free radical damage. This non aerosol spray sunscreen makes application easy and non messy while protecting the skin in exposed sun conditions. 6 oz

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Updated 2016: Companies that DO and DON'T Practice Cruelty-Free Product Testing

Updated 2016: Companies that DO and DON'T Practice Cruelty-Free Product Testing

I have to say, I am really surprised by the lists shown below. 

The one that struck me the hardest is MAC cosmetics. I have been using their makeup products religiously since I was 13-years old and I am so unbelievably disappointed that they do in fact test their products on animals. I did a little more digging and found that MAC cosmetics values money over the safety and morality of animals. MAC claims that they are against animal-testing, but cannot control what other countries do with their products. Specifically, when China receives an import of MAC products they test the products on animals before allowing their citizens to purchase. When MAC was asked why they still sell to China knowing that China does not practice cruelty-free testing, MAC responded by saying that they are "committed to selling products to China." Clearly, the dollar is more important to MAC than animal welfare. After discovering this, I have decided to stop supporting MAC and find a brand that cares more about animals than profits. 

Take a look at the lists below and take some time to think about whether you want to support a company that consciously chooses to use animal testing when there are MANY cruelty-free testing alternatives available. Food For Thought.


Avoid these companies! They DO test on animals (updated in 2016). <a class="pintag searchlink" data-query="%23crueltyfree" data-type="hashtag" href="/search/?q=%23crueltyfree&rs=hashtag" rel="nofollow" title="#crueltyfree search Pinterest">#crueltyfree</a>

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Guide to Protecting your Little Darlings from the Sun

A Guide to Shielding the Smallest Members of your Family from the Sun

#1: Baby Your Baby
While it’s important for us adults to protect ourselves from UV rays, we have a wide variety of lotions and creams available to slather on ourselves. Infants have more sensitive skin and so require more TLC and gentler formulas, while no SPF is recommended for infants under the age of 6 months, if it is unavoidable, pick a broad-spectrum with at least an SPF of 45 specifically designed for babies. These use physical barriers like titanium dioxide, rather than potentially irritating chemical ones, and are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. They are available at different prices points from budget-friendly sunscreen to splurge-worthy sunscreen. If your little one is going to be splashing around in the paddling pool or ocean, be sure to use a water-resistant formula like COOLA Baby SPF 50, which keeps doing its thing even when wet. But do make sure you reapply once your child is on dry land. A spray probably seems like the easiest way to get that SPF onto a fidgety toddler, but think again. To get the protection promised on the outside of the bottle, you need to spray the same spot for six seconds, otherwise a quick spritz will only provide the equivalent of a SPF 7. Lotion really is the best option.
#2: Practice Responsible Application
Twenty minutes before heading out, slather your son or daughter in SPF to give it time to absorb so it won’t slide off your soon-to-be sweaty baby. Avoid the area around their eyes if you don’t want a flood of tears and likewise, the palms, which will most likely end up in the eyes. Be sure you don’t miss the usual forgotten spots including the ears, nape of the neck, backs of the knees, ankles, and armpits. And you know how your kid won’t sit still? Neither will his or her clothing, which means you need to apply sunscreen one inch beyond the border of their clothing to avoid hot spots. Then apply SPF every two hours. Keep a small bottle of SPF in your diaper bag so you’re ready to reapply. Stickers and bracelets can be worn to help gauge whether the little one has had too much sun. If the UV index is high, then plan for an indoor day.
#3: Make Your Own Shade
One great thing about plopping your kid in a stroller? Built-in sun protection! Those handy-dandy hoods provide an equivalent of SPF 50 as long as you don’t open the “sunroof.” And while child-size sunglasses aka baby-ators look adorable they also provide an excellent way to shield tiny eyes from the glare of the sun. That t-shirt on the other hand doesn’t do your baby any sun-protective favors. In fact, it barely provides SPF 8 level protection. Luckily, there is clothing made from a wondrous fabric with UPF or Ultraviolet Protection Factor, which is equivalent to SPF (e.g., UPF 50 equals SPF 50). Which means you don’t have to deal with trying to slather your squirmy worm of a baby in head-to-toe sun protection every couple hours. Brands like Coolibar even make full-body baby rashguards in cool designs your kids will approve of. Suddenly, a trip to the beach can go on minus struggles with sun protection application. In case you don’t want to add to your baby’s already extensive wardrobe, you can simply buy SunGuard Sun Protection, a liquid you add to your laundry to transform your regular clothes into sun-blocking marvels for up to 20 washes. And slap a hat on that kid! Babies have finer hair than adults so need more protection up top. Protect their little piggies with aqua socks when at the beach.
#4 Have a Recovery Plan
Even if you managed to avoid a burn, any day at the beach can leave your baby’s skin as dried out as the Sahara. Skip moisture-sucking daily baths (infants don’t need them) in favor of every other. If they are particularly sandy or sweaty, just dunk them in lukewarm water for two minutes to give them a quick rinse. While skin is still damp, slather your baby in a body lotion like Honest Company Face & Body Lotion to preserve the delicate barrier function, and then hold tight so your slippery little one doesn’t slide right through your hands. In my house, a sunburn was treated like any illness so on the rare occasion my daughters got one, they had to stay inside until they recovered. Listen, mishaps do happen (even to my kids) to the best of us so if your baby does get burned, take steps to soothe and stave off the pain and inflammation. Apply a topical 1 percent cortisone cream, give them baby Advil, and draw them a cool bath with Aveeno Oatmeal Bath (check you’re your pediatrician re: Advil and hydrocortisone). If you see any blistering or have chills or fever consult your dermatologist as soon as possible. And best of all, avoid the beach between the hours of 11 a.m. — 3 p.m. when the sun is the strongest.       Dr. Patricia Wexler 
Safety first! Now enjoy the summer!
Find your favoirte sun protection products at

Monday, May 9, 2016

SkinCeuticals - Hydrating B5 Gel: A MUST for individuals that suffer from dry, sensitive skin on their face!

Image result for hydrating b5 gel

SkinCeuticals - Hydrating B5 Gel is a life saver! 

I have been using this product religiously for over 12 years. Before finding B5 Gel, I tried every single product hoping to find something that was gentle enough for my delicate skin while also providing the moisture that my skin desperately needed. I went through products that left my skin oily, greasy, dry, red, flaky, and even pimply! B5 Gel is the ONLY product that treats my skin the way my skin deserves to be treated. 

If you suffer from dry, sensitive skin on your face then B5 Gel is absolutely the answer for you. It is a very gentle, hydrating gel that goes on your skin easily and absorbs quickly. This product does not leave your skin feeling greasy or oily. It provides gentle hydration that your sensitive skin so desires.

With the dry, summer weather on its way, now is the time to try SkinCeuticals B5 Gel! Don't spend your summer days worrying about whether the dry heat will ruin your skin; don't avoid going to the pool because of the fear that the chlorine will dry your skin out and you won't be able to effectively treat it! 

Find this product, and SO much more at

Friday, May 6, 2016

Advice From Our Newest Member That Will Surely Make You Smile: How To Avoid Stupid Customers

Nobody wants a stupid customer: Tips for the seller and the customer

       Any person that has dealt with the general public knows that there are many, many stupid people out there. Unfortunately, when dealing with the general public, one must interact with these people. These forced interactions generally cause feelings of frustration, annoyance, and even the desire to physically slap someone. These interactions become specifically volatile and somewhat precarious when the stupid individual happens to be your customer. When this happens, the seller may experience unwanted desires to close their business, yell at the computer screen, and use words that would be considered highly unprofessional.  Wouldn’t it be great if these unpleasant interactions could be avoided?  For all you sellers out there, there is one simple solution to this problem; STOP SELLING TO STUPID CUSTOMERS. Completely eliminate those stupid people that waste your time, cause your blood pressure to sky rocket, and give you the urge to pull out your own hair by just not selling to them.

Below are some helpful tips on how to identify whether you are in fact one of the stupid customer and if you are a seller, how to eliminate doing business with stupid customers.

How to identify whether you are a stupid customer:
  • ·         Do you find yourself constantly trying to get something for nothing? If the answer is yes, then you are well on your road to being a stupid customer.
  • ·         Do you feel the need to email the seller and ask questions that are clearly explained on the product listing? If the answer is yes, then you can avoid being a stupid customer by just reading the listing. If you choose not to, then you are stupid.
  • ·         Are you incapable of using spell check before sending a message? If your answer is yes, then you may not necessarily be stupid, but you will definitely come across as stupid. Remember, first impressions mean everything.
  • ·         Has anyone ever told you that you are generally an unpleasant, angry person? If the answer is yes, then you are definitely qualified as a stupid customer.
  • ·         Has anyone EVER, in your entire life, called you stupid? This could include friends, enemies, family, co-workers…etc. If the answer is yes, then chances are they were right and you are stupid.
  • ·         Do you ever feel like you are stupid? If the answer is yes, then you are not stupid. Stupid people never feel stupid.

How to identify whether you are dealing with a stupid customer:

**Before reading these tips, there is one golden rule that you must always remember. Never, I repeat, NEVER take chances!  If you have even the tiniest inkling that you may have a stupid customer on your hands, DON’T SELL TO THEM!

  • ·           There is actually only one tip for identifying whether you are dealing with a stupid customer. All you have to do is ask yourself this one, simple question; “Is this customer stupid?” You see, you clearly are not stupid so you don’t really needs tips for identifying these things… tips are only for stupid people. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Summer Is Almost Here - Products To Prepare Your Skin For Some Fun In The Sun!

Yep, it is true... Summer is ALMOST here!
Now is the time stock up on products that will protect your skin while you enjoy some long overdue fun in the sun!

Here is a list of some of the BEST skincare sunscreens that will provide your skin with the nutrients and the protection that it needs.

1. COOLA Suncare
Not only does COOLA Suncare offer fabulous and fun sunscreen fragrances, it also offers a plethora of different sizes, consistencies, and levels of protection! COOLA's new 2016 products also include lip protection offered in multiple shades and fragrances. Have some fun in the sun and them some with COOLA!

banner image

2. IS Clinical
IS Clinical Eclipse sunscreen is formulated specifically for daily use and extended outdoor activities. It provides water-resistant protection so you can play in the water without worrying about your skin!

Eclipse SPF 50+

3. Image Skincare
Image Skincare offers lightweight, hydrating sunscreens that will keep your skin feeling moisturized while also protecting it from harmful sun rays


4. SkinCeuticals
SkinCeuticals has sunscreens for all skin types and for all desires. It effectively protects your skin against photoaging. 

Prevention is the best protection! Purchase your favorite sunscreen before summer is here!

***All of the above products can be purchased at

Sunday, May 1, 2016

NEW Products From Image Skincare

Image Skincare is introducing NEW products to customers! Great just got even better? 

Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Facial Oil

Image Skincare the MAX Stem Cell Neck Lift

Image Skincare Clear Cell Mattifying Moisturizer for Oily Skin 

Image Skincare Clear Cell Restoring Serum Oil-Free

Image Skincare Flawless Rejuvenating Eye Pads (60 ct) 

Image Skincare I Prime Flawless Blur Gel

Image Skincare I Beauty Flawless Foundation Brush