Tuesday, February 26, 2013

For Radiant Skin, Try Baby Quasar Pure Silk

As skin ages, it loses it's natural ability to fight free radical damage due to environmental pollutants and sun damage. It can be frustrating to spend hundreds of dollar on a multitude of skin care products that promise to deliver great results, but ultimately don't work. Don't waste any more money on worthless products. For the best in anti aging skin cream, try Baby Quasar Pure Silk. Long revered for it's moisturizing and healing effects, this silky, lightweight serum is beneficial for all skin types, including sensitive skin. This wonderful product is effective in smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, as well as improving the elasticity and appearance of aged or sun damaged skin. This product is also effective in improving blotchiness and blemishes, evening out skin tone and revealing soft healthy looking skin. 

This unique formula contains several highly effective anti aging ingredients, including Ubiquinone, Co-Enzyme Q10, Phyto Hyaluronic Acid, Silk Amino acid and Yeast extract. This formula also contains Copper Peptides, which hydrates the skin and encourages the production of elastin and collagen, effectively decreasing inflammation and rejuvenating the skin with a natural, healthy glow. By effectively combining such powerful ingredients into one small product, there is no more need to purchase several different skin care creams. This skin care serum is an economical alternative to spending hundreds of dollars on costly beauty products. 

Baby Quasar Pure Silk is a highly affordable, multi functional skin serum, which can be utilized as an exfoliator, skin moisturizer and even after chemical peels and treatments. For individuals with excessive scarring from acne, this product is excellent in diminishing the appearance of old scars and acne marks. If large pores are an issue, baby quasar can quickly and effectively minimize their size, creating a flawless and radiant complexion.

Baby Quasar is often used in conjunction with light therapy devices, as the Copper Peptides and Hyaluronic acid increase the benefits and efficacy of this particular treatment. Backed by significant research, Baby Quasar is highly effective when used in conjunction with light therapy devices and can even be used on it's own to address a multitude of skin care issues. Special considerations should be taken to not use this product in conjunction with any other products containing vitamin C. Because this serum contains Copper Peptides, it may counteract with Vitamin C products.


If one is looking to rejuvenate tired, aging or wrinkled skin, look no further than Baby Quasar Pure Silk. This skin serum is one of the most effective and multi functional items on the skin care market today.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Science Behind Skinceuticals Phyto Plus

This might be the best news for optimized all-natural skin care and the science behind it. Advanced research is the personal promise and dedication that comes with Skinceuticals Phyto Plus. Antioxidants are not only good for you to eat; they are exactly what your skin needs to heal itself from the outside in. With over 15 years in research and development it has been discovered that only 4 over hundreds of bio-friendly antioxidants are good choices for topical application. These four antioxidants are perfectly designed to be absorbed through the epidermis and nourish the dermis, helping to restore collagen and elastin for optimal natural beauty.

Continued research has shown that use of specific formulations of these key antioxidants have the most impact on the renewal of epidermal and dermal cells. These advanced formulations have a rejuvenating effect on cellular processes. In an ongoing drive to find the perfect bio friendly delivery system, researchers have developed this serum infused gel as the most advanced formulation of its kind. A true broad-spectrum antioxidant has finally been developed.

In order to establish the key formulation for a broad-spectrum antioxidant, advanced clinical trials, were performed on hundreds of bio antioxidants to find just the right balance. Skinceuticals Phyto Plus is an advanced formulation backed by incredible research. Each antioxidant has gone through intense clinical trials. Each of the key antioxidants where tested under real world conditions, with the exact concentrations that are found in the end product. Detailed investigation has taken time; honor and integrity are the core principals behind this amazing formula.

Ethical considerations have resulted in the use of clinically proven concentrations of advanced antioxidant formulas, never more than usual and never less. Just what are the 4 key antioxidants revealed by years of research? Well known for its bio available health advantages, in topical application or diet, vitamin C in optimal concentrations, is readily absorbable. In addition to vitamin C, chemically known as L-ascorbic acid, additional clinical trials have revealed that vitamin E, chemically known as alpha-tocopherol, adds a synergistic advantage and increases epidermal absorption.

These antioxidants have the capacity to reduce the effects of environmental stressors and to restore and rejuvenate the skin. It has been shown over and over again that sunscreen alone does not provide all the necessary protection from all types of environmental damage. Sunblock on average only filters about 55% of the damaging UV rays. Therefore, the use of a broad spectrum antioxidant will enhance the value of any refined sunscreen.

The last two superior substances easily absorbed topically, antioxidants with superior synergistic advantages, are ferulic acid and phloretin. Used in balance with nature, these key ingredients lend themselves to multiple formulations based on skin types and all environmental concerns. Every individual has a very unique DNA and as a result very unique skin characteristics. For the best results with any skin care regime, it is best to consult a skin care professional.

The skin is the bodies’ first line of defense and the barrier between the external and internal environments.  It is the largest organ of the body and is made up of millions of cells. The structural cellular proteins for the skin are collagen and elastin. Antioxidants help the skin repair itself and enable it to provide optimal protection for the human body.

Science and nature in perfect balance; this is the promise of Skinceuticals Phyto Plus's years of development. The phenomenal serum infused gel application system technology allows the skin to absorb key antioxidants at customized concentrations. Rest assured that these skin care formulations are backed by science, use the highest grade ingredients and are proven through rigorous clinical studies to deliver on their promise.

Monday, February 18, 2013


This product is a natural oil-free serum for lightening skin.  It is used to lighten moles, freckles, sun spots, age spots and melasma.  It has also been proven to be very effective for removing the redness caused by rosacea. It is recommended that it be applied lightly to the face twice a day.  Ageless Total Skin Lightening Serum MUST be worn with sunscreen.  This product is a very safe and effective.  The cost for 1 ounce is $31.00 and the customer satisfaction reviews have been positive. The results may vary as to the way the product is used, because it is important to be consistent about how often the serum is applied, how much is applied and if the directions have been followed.

When deciding which skin lightning product to use, it is important to do as much research as you can. Listen to people who have used the product if possible and read reviews. Find out what ingredients are in it. Make sure not to use a skin lightening serum that contains hydroquinone because this ingredient is very dangerous and has been known to cause cancer.

There are many skin lightening products you can choose.  Ageless Total Skin Lightening Serum uses the healthy approach, with all natural ingredients; Rumex Extract, which helps block the enzyme that produces skin color; Mulberry, Kojic Acid, Bearberry, and Licorice, all natural skin lighteners; Arbutin, which prevents the formation of melanin; Ascorbic Acid, an antioxidant form of vitamin C; Emblica Extract, a powerful antioxidant; Green Tea, which protects the skin from free radicals. Some skin care products use unsafe and unnatural ingredients. Research the product ingredients thoroughly to make sure the  skin lightening product you choose to purchase is safe and effective.  It can be shocking to find out what is in many skin care products.

These ingredients are safe, the consumer reviews are positive and Ageless Total Skin Lightening Serum is reasonably priced. Because of these facts, it is highly recommended by professionals.. This product is not sold in stores, so it has limited availability. The most expensive products are not always better than more reasonable ones, especially with skin care products.  Some consumers tend to think that a large amount of the product is needed for the best results. As with most quality skin care products, you need to use very little, but for best results, it is important to use it every day.  Use a small drop of skin lightening serum in the morning and before bed every day for the best results.  One ounce will last for 30 days if used properly.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Skinmedica Restorative Ointment Helps Heal Skin After Cosmetic Therapy

There are a number of cosmetic procedures performed using laser technology. People who have problems with acne scars or scars from removed tattoos can have the damaged skin smoothed using laser technology. The effect of the laser removes layers of surface skin to reveal new skin cells underneath. This process can also be achieved through the use of chemical peels. The side effect of both these procedures is the sensitivity of the new skin, which has been exposed. To speed up the healing process after these types of procedures have been performed, people can use SkinMedica Restorative Ointment.
The Healing Effects of a Restorative Ointment

When new skin cells are exposed to the elements they have a greater risk of being damaged. People who undergo chemical peels or skin therapy with lasers are strongly advised to stay out of the sun until their skin heals. By applying the ointment on a regular basis, the skin begins to heal much quicker than it would if ordinary hand lotions were applied. This is because the ointment is made with ingredients designed to help the cells heal and restore their natural properties.

The healing oils found in SkinMedica Restorative Ointment also add a degree of protection to the skin's surface during the healing process so it is less likely to become irritated. Skin irritation is another side effect of having certain cosmetic procedures performed. The new cells are particularly sensitive to anything they rub up against. Something as simple as pulling a shirt on over the head can irritate the facial area of someone who had a cosmetic procedure performed. The ointment helps soothe the skin to reduce the effects of irritation.

Protection Against Bacteria

While chemical peels and laser resurfacing procedures are not classified as surgical procedures, the newly exposed skin cells are still prone to picking up bacteria. If bacteria get into this exposed area, it could cause an infection. The restorative ointment adds protection against bacteria, which could be picked up before the skin has time to fully heal. The properties of the ointment that help speed up the healing process also work to reduce the risk of infection. By having the skin heal in a shorter amount of time, people can return to their normal activities without fear of causing their skin damage.

The Faster Way to Look Better

Cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels and laser resurfacing are usually done to improve a person's appearance. Another side effect of having newly exposed skin cells is the redness that accompanies them. The underlying tissues are not the same flesh tone as those found on the surface. For this reason, people who undergo these procedures often have red areas on their skin until the area is fully healed. In some cases, the procedures can also cause inflammation, which also contributes to the redness of the skin. Because the ointment is designed to speed the healing process, people who undergo these procedures can have the appearance of their skin recover much sooner.