While the winter months bring a lot of joy, they also bring a lot of stress for your skin (not to mention financially!). The cold weather can cause dry, irritated skin and hair, which is the last thing you want worry about when attempting to organize that large, holiday family gathering! You want that effortlessly glowing skin look, right? That look where family members are asking you if you changed something, but they can't put their finger on it, they just know you look amazing? Yes, that look. We all want that look! 

Well, here are a few DIY winter skin care recipes that can help you achieve that desirable look this winter while keeping your skin and hair nourished. If you are not the "DIY" kinda gal, then check out Skincare Solutions Store to find ALL of the best skin care products! Shop for your yourself and find great gifts for all those family members you are hosting this holiday season... start shopping!

Problem 1 – Dry hair

Solution – Deep conditioning hair mask with banana milk shake

During the winter season, cold wind is very dangerous and makes your hair very dull and dry. This can lead to damage of your hair. But, a homemade remedy will be wonderful to treat this trouble. For making this, you have to mash 2-3 bananas. You can use a blender or else a fork to mash the banana. After you have made a smooth blend of the banana paste, you have to add 1 tablespoon of honey and coconut milk (1/2 cup). Again blend it and make a perfect mixture. Apply this homemade recipe in your scalp in a circular motion. Keep it for 20 minutes and wash it away with water. You will get back your beautiful hair.

Problem 2 – Chapped lips

Solution – homemade brown sugar lip scrub

For this, you have to take a spoon full of brown sugar and mix it with equal quantity of olive oil. You can also use almond or coconut oil if you don’t have olive oil at home. Mix it in a bowl and apply this on your lips. Now, rub your finger over your lips in a circular motion so that the dead skin layer gets removed. Now wash this away and get attractive lips.

Problem 3 –Flakey scalp

Solution – Hair solution with apple cider vinegar

For solving this problem, individual would require some apple cider vinegar and a spray bottle. You need to fill the spar bottle with apple cider vinegar and spray it in your dry hair. Now massage your hair slowly with the vinegar so that it spreads from root to tip. Let the spray remain in your hair for a period of 20 minutes and then wash it away with your usual shampoo. This will definitely keep your scalp healthy.

Problem 4 – Dull complexion

Solution – Honey and oatmeal face pack

As soon as winter air falls on your skin, your complexion tends to become dull. Here is a recipe to make your skin baby soft. You have to take 1 cup of whole wheat, half cup of warm water, half cup of honey and blend it with an automated mixer. After the mask is ready apply this on your face and keep it for a period of ten to fifteen minutes. Now you can remove it with water of room temperature. After washing away the face pack, apply the moisturizer to protect your skin.
Problem 5 – Pimples

Solution – Cinnamon and honey paste

Pimples are usually the major reason for you not looking beautiful. It is something that every girl wishes not to deal with. However, with dry weather and the pollutants in the air would damage your skin cells and give you zit on your face. But now you can cure these pimples with the simple homemade masks like the Cinnamon and Honey paste. With Cinnamon’s antimicrobial properties and the water activity of honey allows your skin to fight the pimples. You need to mix the cinnamon powder with a tablespoon of honey. Form a paste without adding any water in it and dab it in the place where you have pimples. Leave it overnight and wash it in the morning with lukewarm water for effective results.

Problem 6 – Acne scars

Solution – Sandalwood water

People usually suffer from pimples and when not taken care of properly leaves acne scars on your face thereby disrupting your otherwise clear and beautiful skin. However the easy to make home remedies will help you get rid of the acne scars and the best treatment is sandalwood water. The cooling and soothing agent of sandalwood helps in dealing with great number skin problems. Especially during winters this treatment has proven to be of great benefit. Immerse a bit of sandalwood in the water and leave it for few hours. Once it the sandalwood melts in the water, remove the wood and dab a cotton ball into the paste. Apply it gently on the scars and eave for few minutes. Wash it with water and see instantaneous results.

Problem 7 – Unwanted facial hair

Solution – Gram flour

There are many women who are suffering from the issue of unwanted facial hair. In such cases they prefer waxing or threading. Some women even scrub their face in order to get of the facial hair. However one may not have thought of the little known secret ingredients of their kitchen. An easy to find ingredient in the kitchen, gram flour is known to get rid of these facial hair especially from the mouth and chin. You need to mix gram flour with turmeric in equal quantities and form a paste by adding water or milk. Apply the mixture to the skin with more facial hair and leave for few minutes until it dries. Clean it with a cloth dipped in warm water and rub it noticing some strand of facial hair getting removed.