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Why Aging Skin Needs More Love

       Just like hair and nails, your skin gets thinner as you age (just another bonus of aging). This thinning is caused by various factors, including but not limited to the loss of collagen production (the protein that provides structure, keeping skin thick and firm), environmental damage (such as sun exposure), changing blood vessels, and various medications. As your skin thins, it becomes prone to dryness, tears, and irritation. Not only does thinning skin cause the appearance of wrinkles, it is also more susceptable to bruising and wounds. In fact, a wound on aging skin can last up to four times as long as the same wound would last on young skin!

       Thankfully, there are ways to counteract the affects of thinning skin! As your skin thins, it is important to retain as much moisture as possible. Say goodbye to the long  hot showers and baths, especially in the colder weather. Hot water dries your skin and can cause irritations. Try to keep your showers to 10-15 minutes, with tepid water. Also, while we are talking about bathing, ditch the exfoliating scrubs! If you want to remove or exfoliate dry/dead skin, then use a soft washcloth over wet skin, preferably with a soap that is gentle and fragrance free to avoid further irritation. While your skin is still damp, layer on a moisturizer that contains petroleum jelly. Applying the moisturizer to dampened skin helps lock in the moisture and retain water. Using a combination of ingredients that provide moisture, such as hyaluronic acid and ingredients with fatty acids to provide smoothness, such as shea butter, is the best skin care strategy to achieve fully moisturized skin. 

       Make sure to take care of your wounds as you age. Look for bandages that say "sensitive skin" and avoid adhesive bandages, which can irritate or cut your skin. Be mindful of your skin's needs and make sure to give your skin the loving that it needs as it ages.