Stretch Your Dollars: Don’t Overuse Your Products!

High quality skin care products sold in spas, salons,doctor’s offices, and in our store are of much higher quality and concentration, and more packed with active ingredients, than formulations you’ll find at the local retail store. For this reason, you just don’t need to apply large amounts of the products to your skin.   Take a look at this handful of tips to learn how much you should be using of the most common types of skin care products. 

Cleansers: A quality foaming cleanser should require about a dime size amount to clean the skin. The key is to use wet hands to lather up the cleanser before applying it to the skin. Of course, if you’re wearing a lot of makeup you should cleanse twice – once to remove the excess makeup, and once to actually cleanse the skin. Creamy cleansers may require a bit more – think nickel size here.

Toners: If you’re skin care routine includes a spray-on toner, one to two pumps should be enough. You’re looking for a very light mist, not wet, dripping skin. 

Serums: Concentrated serums are usually extremely thin in nature, and we tend to overuse these products to the extreme. Use very small amounts – something along the lines of 2-4 drops, or less than the size of a green pea if you have a somewhat thicker serum. Apply these with finger tips only. Using your entire hands to apply serums causes them to absorb into your fingers and palms.

Moisturizers: Many of us over apply moisturizer. Except in extreme cases of dryness, most of us only need a light layer of moisturizer on the skin. The key is having the right moisturizer. If you’re very dry, you will obviously need a heavier moisturizer than someone like myself who tends to be more oily. But, you don’t necessarily need more of it. As with serums, use fingertips only to apply so your hands don’t soak up your investment. Dot your moisturizer over your forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, jaw line, and neck then slick it on and work it in from there. Start with less, you can always add a bit more if you feel like you need it. 

Eye Creams: When you apply your eye cream, you know you’re using too much if you have to spend a lot of time “working it in” or smearing it around and around trying to get it to sink in. Put a small dab on your ring finger, think half of a green pea (or even less), and then dot gently under and around both eyes – making that amount last for both eyes.  Gently pat this in, and if you feel like you need a tiny bit more, go ahead and add it. The key is start with less and add more if you feel necessary. 

Exfoliants: Scrubs – It doesn't require a walnut size of an exfoliating scrub to do the trick. Scrubs should be used sparingly, generally about the size of a nickel should be all you use at any given time. Exfoliants that you apply and allow to sit for a specified period of time should also be used with restraint. More isn't better, only so much can penetrate the skin at any given moment. As always, use your fingertips to apply just enough to get a thin layer on the skin.

Masks: We've all seen those photos where a woman is seen with a very opaque white mask and cucumbers over her eyes. This makes a great stereotypical spa photo, but it’s a complete waste of your product. There are a multitude of skin care masks, and with the exception of rubberizing masks that come off in a single sheet after they've set, you just don’t need to apply so much. Layer your mask on your skin in a thin, even layer – you should still be able to see the color of your skin with the mask applied.   

Following these simple tips will maximize your investment in quality skin care products, and when you’re stretching your products properly, you can afford to buy high quality skin care products rather than toss money out the window on retail store brands that don’t pack near the punch of professional brands. So use less, use your finger tips not your hands, and stretch your dollars!

Less is More With High Quality Skin Care Products!