The Baby Quasar Power Pack puts the healing power of phototherapy into the hands of the consumer. These light-weight devices deliver targeted doses of LED light to affected areas of the skin for rapid repair. The Baby Quasar Power Pack includes the traditional LED wand for anti-aging and the Quasar Blue for clear skin; together this combination pack helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, firm skin, diminish discoloration, fade scarring, combat acne and reduce inflammation. 

Phototherapy has commonly been used to treat skin disorders including psoriasis, acne vulgaris, eczema and neonatal jaundice. Utilizing the regular administration of varying balances of UVA and UVB light waves, many patients experience a marked improvement in the condition of their skin without the use of aggressive, topically applied chemicals and medicated creams. What once required sitting in front of a lamp can now be achieved at home.

There is a long history of treating ailments through phototherapy, including mentions in Indian medical documents written in 1500 BC. In 1903, Faroese physician Niels Finsen was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the development of the first artificial light source created specifically for phototherapy. He developed the lamp to treat lupus vulgaris. Today phototherapy is used to treat not only skin conditions, but also seasonal affective disorder, circulation and sinus issues, accelerated wound healing, and even hair growth. Some of the world’s most renowned medical institutions offer phototherapy treatments, including Johns Hopkins. 

While phototherapy is regarded as a cost-effective treatment for many skin conditions, and it is considered far less threatening to the immune system than traditional and biologic systemic treatments, there are still some safety concerns. The targeted use of UV light should be closely monitored by a dermatologist because prolonged over-use can cause severe skin damage and possibly skin cancer. It is recommended that phototherapy treatment should only be started after consulting with a medical professional.

The Baby Quasar Power Pack provides some of the most sought after treatments for common skin disorders. The traditional LED wand firms the skin, smoothing expression lines and fading scars and areas of discoloration. The Quasar Blue wand calms inflammation and treats acne by killing the bacteria that causes it. With this powerful system, it is easy to imagine the savings on specialty products and cosmetics alone. The beauty of this phototherapy system is how it will pay for itself over and over again.