SkinMedica, Inc. is based in Carlsbad, California. This company offers effective skin-care products developed by dermatologists. These products are designed to improve the overall appearance and health of skin. Products offered are prescription and non-prescription and are carried by respected doctors and spas alike. The Skinmedica purifying foaming wash is one example of the many products offered by Skinmedica, Inc. 

Skin is exposed to a variety of buildup every day. Dirt and dust from the environment, makeup, sweat and oil can all accumulate on the skin and clog pores. This can cause acne. The purifying foaming wash by Skinmedica - used as part of a daily skin-care routine - cleans and purifies the skin. The foaming wash removes bacteria, dirt and makeup on the skin to leave the skin clean and clear. This reduces acne and helps to keep it from recurring. The foaming wash also contains salicylic acid, which gently exfoliates the skin, purifying and cleaning it. This leaves the skin feeling light and fresh.

With so many skin-care products available, what makes this purifying foaming wash different? Unlike other products, this facial wash feels rich and thick, while still being lightweight. The product does not leave a residue on the skin. It will not leave the skin feeling filmy, oily or dry. The purifying foaming wash contains gentle exfoliating ingredients to avoid skin irritation. This product is best for those with oily skin types that are prone to breaking out. With daily use, the purifying foaming wash will clear up existing acne and prevent future breakouts as well as improve the appearance of skin.

Another reason the foaming wash is different is the botanical ingredients used. Active ingredients in the foaming wash include Willow Bark extract, Witch Hazel extract, Sage leaf extract and Tea Tree leaf oil. The Willow Bark extract works with the salicylic acid in exfoliating the skin. The Witch Hazel extract helps to close large pores, improving complexion. It also works as a mild astringent to clean the skin and reduce and prevent acne. Sage leaf extract is also an astringent and helps to purify the skin, and Tea Tree leaf oil also purifies.

The foaming wash offered by SkinMedica will leave skin clean and radiant. It is effective in reducing and preventing acne, reducing the size and appearance of pores, and exfoliating the skin leaving it bright and clean. SkinMedica urges everyone to put their best face forward with Skinmedica purifying foaming wash.