Time and external factors take a toll on all people, regardless of their age. The skin can become dry or flaky when the temperature is harsh, and as one ages, a change in the skin takes place at molecular level. The cells that are once stable gradually come in contact with highly reactive chemicals. The cells and tissues of the skin degenerate, making the skin look dry and leathery. The remaining healthy cells try to gain back the lost stabilization, creating scar tissue, causing inflammation and further breaking down the cells. The dry skin typical in today's world is also the reason why people get symptoms of early aging that we are all too familiar with, like early wrinkles, unexplained scars, texture loss and dull appearance. 

About Ormedic Image Skincare

Many factors can accelerate certain skin conditions. Among the most common are ultra-violet light, exposure to harsh weather conditions, air pollution, ozone from car exhaust, drugs, smoking, drinking and an unhealthy diet. These factors contribute to aging, as well as to skin diseases. What we need is an effective topical agent that can alleviate these skin symptoms at an early stage. What we have found is one such collection of chemical free products that hydrate and protect skin from UV rays called Ormedic Image Skincare.

Ormedic Image Skincare is well known for its range of products, from a simple moisturizer to formulas that can have a healing effect on various skin ailments like acne and rosacea. Some of the products meant for acne deal with free radicals. Fortunately, these products have a lot of influence on free radicals and how rapidly anti-oxidation takes place. Applying these topical ointments on the skin has the same effect of eating food rich in nutrients that slow the breakdown of skin cells and tissues.

Green Tea

Some of the Ormedic Skincare products contain green tea, which means multiple sources of antioxidants are present in this formula. The antioxidant property of green tea is known to fight skin cancer. Research has shown a strong correlation between tea consumption and reduced risk of skin conditions like acne and rosacea. Antioxidants have the remarkable ability to reduce the amount of oxidation taking place within the cells. At the same time, antioxidants encourage the body’s ability to respond more vigorously to infections caused by viruses, bacteria and other sources. It also helps to control inflammation as a result of the vigorous response from the immune system, reducing discomfort and pain that normally accompanies skin conditions. 


The immune system responds in part by making antibodies to combat diseases related to skin.  When the strength of the immune system drops, due to aging or other health conditions, these topical products offer an opportunity to replace that lost strength by replicating some of the antibodies to gain a greater foothold in the skin. Many types of vitamins have been shown to have benefits that are beneficial to the overall condition of one’s skin. Ormedic skin care products are designed with overall health and well being in mind.