Janna Ronert founded Image Skincare in 2003 with the intention of providing revolutionary skincare products that are natural and chemical free. Janna Ronert, who suffered from Rosacea, was searching for a skincare product that would not irritate her already sensitive skin. Free of paraben, chemical preservatives and petrochemicals, Image Skincare Daily Defense hydrating moisturizer fit the bill. All fragrances used in the products also contain only 100% natural oils. Designed to be moisturizing, healthy and non-irritating, the Image Skincare Daily Defense hydrating moisturizer is perfect for dry skin and skin that is prone to redness, irritation and Rosacea.

The Image moisturizer is one of the many chemical-free products offered by Image Skincare. This SPF 30 moisturizer is perfect for those who spend a lot of time in the sun, or just want to protect skin from daily sun exposure. This product locks in moisture and keeps skin from drying out in the sun. It also and blocks harmful absorption of UVA/UVB rays.

UVA/UVB rays can increase the skin’s production of free radicals. Free radicals cause damage to the skin, which can lead to increased wrinkles and the formation of precancerous and cancerous lesions on the skin. This moisturizer prevents that free radical damage. Applied daily, one half-hour before outdoor sun exposure, Image Skincare Daily Defense hydrating moisturizer is the solution. Its vitamin-enriched formula contains antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals in the skin.

This is a broad-spectrum sun block that is long lasting and water resistant. Containing Zinc oxide and Titanium oxide, this product creates a physical barrier rather than a chemical barrier to protect the skin. This means that those with sensitivities to chemical sun blocks can safely use this product. This moisturizer applies smoothly and is not heavy or oily feeling. It is safe and effective for daily use.

In addition, Image moisturizer creates healthier more nourished and moisturized skin. The moisturizer provides vitamins and minerals to nourish dry and sensitive skin. Anti-inflammatory ingredients such as green tea and Vitamin C help to prevent Rosacea breakouts characterized by redness and bumps that look much like acne. The formula is gentle and healthy for the skin. Even though the product contains a powerful sun block, Image moisturizer glides on so smoothly that it can be applied under makeup.

Image Skincare Daily Defense hydrating moisturizer is chemical-free, non-irritating and hydrating. It feels great on the skin and is a wonderful way to protect the skin from sun damage and nourish and moisturize the skin for an overall healthier complexion.