More people today are taking steps to correct the damage their skin incurs due to pollution in the environment and exposure to the sun. Usually it is the skin on the face, which incurs the most damage and needs to be corrected through a cosmetic procedure. People who have dry, weathered or aged skin can have it rejuvenated through a variety of facial cosmetic procedures. Using a soothing cream such as Skinmedica Restorative Ointment afterward will hasten the healing process of the treated skin. Some of the procedures used to correct damaged facial skin include laser resurfacing and chemical peels.

While the treatments performed to correct damaged skin can make the skin healthier and the surface smoother, they often leave the surface area red and sensitive for several weeks after the process has been performed. This can make the skin feel uncomfortable and sometimes even painful during the healing process. Skinmedica formulated this ointment to reduce the time it takes the skin to heal while also creating a soothing barrier during the healing process. As the cells heal, the amount of visible redness begins to disappear, as does the sensitivity.

People who undergo chemical peels or laser resurfacing for their skin are also advised to stay out of direct sunlight. This is because the new cells now exposed on the surface of the skin do not have the ability to create a barrier against UV rays until they are fully healed. Skinmedica Restorative Ointment creates an invisible barrier, which helps protect the new cells from the sun's harmful rays. While the ointment does add a degree of protection, people should still use caution when spending time in the sun.

Pollution and smoke can also irritate the skin cells, which have not fully healed. The ointment will also add protection against these environmental agitators. Because the ointment speeds up the healing process, the skin will develop its own protective barrier in a much shorter period of time than it would take without using the restorative oi
ntment. When the skin cells heal, the skin will no longer have visible redness or sensitivity. Rejuvenated skin will make the person look and feel better about themselves, which in turn will make them more self-confident with the tasks and activities they undertake. Cosmetic facial procedures can significantly improve a person's sense of well-being and the restorative ointment used afterward helps them achieve that sense of well being even faster.

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