The blush of youth doesn't last forever, with the signs of age beginning to appear by the mid-20s for most people. Even with a healthy diet, plenty of hydration, and an active lifestyle, the condition of our skin can still deteriorate and show the signs of sun exposure and age. Wrinkles most commonly begin to form around the eyes and mouth, causing permanent fine lines and nasolabial folds. Sun spots are another common sign of age and can diminish the quality and beauty of youthful skin, often appearing after excessive sun exposure and tanning, and even fungus. The spots appear after an excessive amount of pigmentation has occurred. Although wrinkles are a problem that beauty experts are still trying to tackle, sun spots are much easier to cure with the use of an effective bleaching serum with results in just weeks.

Although it's impossible to prevent aging and keep our youth, it is possible to delay the signs of getting older with the right products. Ageless Total Skin Bleaching Serum is an effective anti-aging formula that reverses the spots on the skin that are quite common and can occur during pregnancy, exposure to the sun, and from the transition into menopause. Sun spots occur on all skin types and with all different amounts of sun exposure, but can luckily be reversed in a few simple steps.

Ageless Total Skin Bleaching Serum contains active ingredients that include hydroquinone, azelaic acid, and glycolic acid that work to hydrate and rejuvenate all skin types. It is best to apply to freshly washed and cleansed skin in a small amount, about the size of a nickel, and then apply to the neck, hands, and face where sun spots occur most. It is also crucial to use it with sunscreen -- choose one with an SPF of 45, which will block 98 percent of the sun's rays. Sunscreens with amounts higher than 45 of SPF don't work and are unnecessary; there isn't a type of sunscreen that blocks sun rays 100 percent.

The bleaching serum works over time after application each day as the bleach works to block and interrupt the process of pigmentation to diminish and fade uneven skin tones and spots. It helps to block the speed and production of melanin in the skin.

Although Ageless Total Skin Bleaching Serum works for all ages and skin types, it is not to be used during pregnancy. It should also be used for three months at a time, and then skipped for the next three months, and repeat. The product should also be used on smaller areas and discontinued once the sun spots are effectively diminished on the skin. Although bleaching materials like a shirt or a surface works immediately, bleaching skin is a process that requires time and patience for effective and permanent results.

For sunspots that begin to change color or shape, it's important to visit a doctor or dermatologist to ensure it hasn't turned into melanoma. Make sure the sun spot is inspected before continuing use of any skin care product.